I am by no means an expert. This blog is mainly for reference, fun & sanity.
Remember all children are different & everyone has different parenting styles & skills.

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About this blog...

Being a new mom I'm getting tips & advice from friends, family,  doctors, strangers. Then there's stuff from magazines, books & the internet. Last but not least things I learn/try on my own as I go.

Some stuff is coming in handy now but there's also a lot of stuff I want to remember for the future hence the reason for this blog, plus I didn't want to turn my blog ( The Enchanted Hovel) into a mommy blog.

Recipes, crafts, toys, pregnancy...if it has to do with kids it's getting blogged.

updated June 2010 - I've decided to make this more into a personal baby blog so I'm backposting to 2008 to add my pregnancy & baby stuff.

I really wish I had done it sooner because I know some stuff will be forgotten along the way. Many apologies to my little guy!

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