I am by no means an expert. This blog is mainly for reference, fun & sanity.
Remember all children are different & everyone has different parenting styles & skills.

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Why do little kids always do the dirtiest stuff & eat the messiest food when they are wearing new and/or light colored clothing? It took me 20 minutes to pretreat little mans laundry today. & I seriously think I am going to start making him wear. black socks. If I can find any; socks are what I have the most trouble with - finding the right fit for my baby big foot.


Don't buy Hanes socks - they turn yellow when you soak them in Clorox, the gel one even.


supermom moment 4-16-12

Hubby likes to call me supermom & I always say that I don't want to be supermom I just want to be a regular mom. Since having our son 3 years ago there have been some supermoments, like the day I flung a 4 foot full dresser one handed because I thought it fell on the little guy. Today's supermom moment was a lot more amusing...
Since it was nice too freaking hot we spent most of the day in the yard. Little man asks to go for a walk.silly me thinking it would be short since he's little & shirtless.
We go a few blocks (I'm a city girl living rural so maybe half a mile) & it's time to "run up this big hill mommy" shortly after I am piggy backing a 40 pound 40 incher who isn't holding on cause he might drop his branch. This lasts about a quarter mile. I find a little shade spot by the creek where I can pass out rest & cool off. We stay about half an hour.
Then we start walking. After about 100 feet it's time for "uppy mommy" so I pick him up & proceed to walk another quarter or so mile with him sleeping & sweating over my shoulder.
Did I mention it was like 90 degrees out?? & we took one of the sunniest walks ever?!
The little stinker woke up as soon as we got to the driveway.


One month til the little guy turns 3 & we finally found his big boy furniture.
I had found a set that I loved during the summer. Hubby said no cause 1) it was online & he couldn't touch it or really see it 2) he thought it cost too much.
The set we wound up ordering last week we just happened to find & it cost just about the same amount.
Cons:it is not being delivered; hubby has to rent/borrow a truck to pick it up about 2 hours away. The stairs do not have storage drawers like the original set did.
At least we found & agreed on something before the little hugs 20th birthday!


I hate mornings, I really do. I like to sleep. I like to wake up whenever & just lay in bed for a while, stretching, relaxing, rolling over just to snuggle a little more into the cool side of the pillow, think about my day & what I should do.  Wash up, have some juice or tea, watch the news or weather for a few minutes, plan my outfit, get ready at my leisure...sigh.

Reality - I open my eyes half way, groan, practically fall out of bed, fumble for some clothes, trip over the dog & stumble into the bathroom all while I am being serenaded to the famous toddler chants of "Mommy mommy mommy" "mommy come get me" "mommy my door is too tight, can't get out"
All I do in the bathroom is pee & splash water on one hand because by now the dog has raced into the kitchen so he can fill his already full bladder with more water. If I'm lucky all of my clothes are on right side out & forward facing since it's now time to go outside with the aforementioned beast.
We only stay out a few minutes since by now toddler is yelling out his window "me come out too mommy" beside which I'm usually yelling at the dog to hurry up, come back, leave it alone, etc. while simultaneously telling at the toddler to stop hitting the window, trying to stick his head out, etc.

Then it's into the house to feed & re water dog, wash hands with soap, gulp 2 or 3 sips of juice & head off to set toddler free. I almost always do this with a smile, it's like as soon as my hand hits the door knob morning mommy takes the place of scary monster mommy.


I wish I could remember them all but here are some funny things I've said to my son-

"Don't stand on the cow "

"Don't hit me with the cow"

"Don't hit the dog with the monkey"

"Please stop hammering the hummus"


We've decided against trick or treating again this year.

For about a month now I've been showing the little guy costumes & asking him if he likes them or wants to wear them; he really doesn't seem interested. Hubby & I discussed it & decided we'll just do what we did last year - pumpkin picking & the kids party my job does.

Last week got his Halloween t-shirt & pajamas. Today I bought him his first back pack - I have some coloring books, stickers & movies that I'll put in there for his Halloween present.

Who needs all that candy anyway?